NZAA runway question

Why does NZAA have 05R, but no 05L? I only realized this yesterday, and it appears that other airports in NZ also have non-existing parallel runways as well…

Also, is this in the right category?

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To me, it appears that the taxiway parallel to 05R was at one point a runway. So I’d guess that would be the missing 05L.


Used to have one, converted to taxiway.


Yeah, I saw that too, but you would think that they would have changed it by now

If you go to the taxiway parallel to the runway, you can even still see the hold-short markings from when it used to be in the game. But yes, t’was converted into a taxiway.

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That’s right. There’s trace of the old runway. Today it’s a taxiway

In Real life it’s just a backup Runway for when there is lengthy maintenance or when the Main Runway needs to be closed due to a emergency/ accident

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