Nzaa - nzwn

Some shots from my flight from Auckland to Wellington with the Jetstar A320.

Server: Expert
Time: 0700-0800z

Singapore Airlines 773 departing NZAA

Starting pushback

Engine start

Taxiing to runway 05R

Air New Zealand 773 taking off with me holding short of runway 05R

V1, rotate

Cruising over Taumarunui

Descending into Wellington

On final RW34



Lovely shots Captain.

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Awesome Photos👍🏻

great pics

Looks like someone brought their gear in early. Awesome pics!

V1 Rotate Gear Up V2 Positive Rate

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I tried to land at queens town but failed

No, it’s a glitch with the replay mode. Whenever you pause it the gear still comes up.