NZAA no longer has 23R/05R.

23R/05R is Taxiway A, and is only a runway when 23L is being repaired. It no longer has any runway markings. Please correct this, as I see a lot of aircraft taking off there when it’s a taxiway.

It has been corrected and will be fixed in a future update, I believe.


The Airport editing team has already removed the runway, you should wait for the next airport/scenery pack update.


Thanks. Wonder when that is coming out

That is a huge mystery, they say not even Val knows 👀, we’ll have to wait and see, good things come to those who wait!

You have a Great night Reuben!


Similar thing here. KLUK is supposed to have some runway changes in the future. One of my aviation buddies told me about it.

Yep. All these changes have been made by us and we hope to have an airport release soon. We are just trying to slip in some more airports before the release though.