NZAA-LFBO A359 Flight: What should I do?

Hey everybody! So I’m going to be attempting an NZAA-LFBO flight with the A359. I got a flight plan from and it shows me going East. It shows that it will take 23:20, which will fit my schedule. But would there be enough fuel? Thanks!

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land:) thats what!

I bet there will be. You will be fine. The fuel consumption on this bird has been god so far for me, I think you’ll be fine. I did 21:00 hours in the a380 once with plenty of fuel to spare, almost enough to make it to like Boston (I came from SYD-LHR). I think you’ll be fine, the winds rent that intense on that route.
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My expirience is that its possible, allthough I would only risk it when you are near your device so you can divert if needed. I flied 21.5hrs without a problem and had almost 2hrs of fuel left when I landed, so basically should be possible… But again, make sure you can take action if needed.


Ok, I will be around my device for the last hour and first hour of the flight, but other than that, I won’t be around my device.

Also, this flight will get me to 500,000 XP :D

Here is a slightly faster flight plan: NZAALFBO_XML_1576112375.xml

It is similar a route I used to do NZAA-EGLL successfully in the 77W. You should have more than enough range in the A350 with max fuel and zero pax and cargo, just make sure you don’t climb too fast. I would also recommend cruising at M0.86 to trim a bit of time with minimal fuel flow impact.

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If you’re carrying no cargo and passengers you should be fine, I’ve flown the 717 between Seattle and Honolulu which took 5 and a half hours even though it only says it has 3 hours of fuel

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Since no one is answering:
Stay at FL310 and M85 the whole flight, full fuel and filling up rest of load to MTOW can fly for over 24 hours. For some reason step climbing over 340 actually wastes fuel in the A350 in IF.
You might want to consider using skyvector to draw out of better route cuz 23.5h sounds long.

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