NZAA heavy traffic & thank you

I would just like to personally thank @SebastianF for his ATC tonight at NZAA as there was a lot of inbound and outbound traffic and it was amazing to see him dealing effectively with the huge line ups!


Amazing to see my home country be full with lots of pilots


Great job @SebastianF, I’m in that line and it is CRAZY.

(I spawned in at 1120z, and I’m only just coming up to the front of the line now - 1200z!)


@SebastianF, you’re a legend, I was NZ314 (ANZ McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30) bound for Tahiti, along with my friend as TN1012 (Air Tahiti Nui Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner) departing behind me also to Tahiti, took us long but we’re both finally airborne!


Thanks @SebastianF. You got me out and in again. Thanks for the consistent service. Good luck!


40 mins of taxiing and @SebastianF is handling the situation like a boss despite 2 pilots cutting the line. @NJ24 efficiently vectored me earlier into NZAA. Nice job guys.

App just crashed, so let’s give this a go again XD


Thanks good to hear you liked our service🙂


Yes only a small amount haha.

Thank you!

Would not say im a legend lol, thank you!

My Pleasure :)

Ouch! 40min only for your app to crash :( .

thanks for the kind words everyone, lets not forget the amazing approach controllers :)


Thanks @SebastianF, you were great
-New Zealand 24

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No problem :)

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A Legend You Are! 🌟

I always say, by complimenting IFATC as providing World-Class, First-Class or Legendary Service. I don’t fly around airports where IFATC is present, they do a good job and for me to go onto IFC and say; “Legend”, just to be kind, rather, that’s the whole hearted truth.

You guys are a fantastic team of people who volunteer to on your free-time to service airports for us Pilots to have a much more realistic and enjoyable experience at. I only fly, 100%, not ATCing from me. I understand that I takeoff, reach a certain altitude, descent and land. The cruising part is on the APs hand. You guys, you control airspaces with dozens of airplanes moving in and out all the time for hours to come and go, and that’s why, even if flying a plane as a pilot isn’t the least work-loaded task, but being an ATC as you are, working with a constant flow of aircraft, to manage it all, tolerate the stress and putting so much effort non-stop into making the experience if flying for everyone so much more amazing, well if that ain’t Legendary, then I don’t know what else would be 😎


THANK YOU! its good to know that IFATC get appreciated for what we do, and its always good to know that all of us IFATC make a difference :)


Crazy busy well done , lovey holds and great clear for take off and cancel take off handling whilst I was on short final 💯

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Aye! @SebastianF you’re famous rn XD.
I mean it looks like you did a great job at Auckland haha. Although pilots are waiting for 30-40 minutes, they seem to love it haha.
I guess you’re a legend right now :).

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HAHA, by the sound of it, yea cant believe they had the patience to wait that long.

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I was there too throughout the day, was a great display of skill from all involved
Callsign - TUIV-005//CloudChaser

Huge patt on the back and thankyou all so much #ifatc

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No Problem :)

i always see you flying.

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Yea thank you. sorry about that fright.

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