NZAA Glitch

Has anyone else had an issue recently with NZAA, was taxiing to runway 07 from main terminal and fell through the ground and stalled. Also previously to that spawned in on some of the 72 and 73 stands and fell through the ground also…

Hey James,

This happens from time to time, it’s a scenery glitch you can fix by clearing your scenery cache. See this section of the user guide for further reference: General | Infinite Flight.

If you got an aerobatics violation because of that, feel free to DM @appeals to get it reversed.


Hello! This is just a scenery glitch as @AviatorAlex mentioned. You can fix this by going to Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache. Also, if you still have any problems, you could try restarting your app or device. If you got a violation, feel free to contact @ appeals if you want to dispute it.