NZAA-EGLL in a Boeing 777-200LR

Last week I flew from NZAA to EGLL, I did this flight in a Boeing 777-200LR from Crystal luxury air.

  1. Flight time: 23.36h

  2. Cruise altitude: FL310 - FL330 - FL350 - FL370 - FL390 - FL410 - FL430

  3. Cruise speed: MACH 0.83

(WSSS- Singapore changi airport)

TOUCHDOWN! Smooth as butter…

What was your favourite picture?


Woah< Nice pics. Looks like you had a smooth flight

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Thanks! Was a nice flight.

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Nice photos! I really like the 4th one!

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Whoa long flight! Nice pics 📸 keep it up!

Smooth like butter, Like a criminal undercover


I liked 11.

Thanks! that was near YCIN.

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Thanks! I could fly one hour longer.

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Aye my home!
Very nice aerial view :D

Awesome photos! Really like the last one sixth one best! I remember trying to do this flight with a 777-300ER back in 2018, but lets just say my Iphone 6 couldnt handle it and it crash on approach… I got really mad aha. But im glad someone else did this flight! :)

Oh no the BTS community has spread to IF!!! Lol


someone should organise a BTS flyout : In/Out of Seoul XD


Looks like a nice flight! How much fuel did you land with?

Thanks! Yes it’s very annoying when your game grashes during approach.

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I landed with around 11537 lbs.

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Catastrophe hahaha

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Wait, this flight took you almost a day?😅 btw lovely shots. Really cool livery

Did you have any passengers or freight at all?

Thank you! If you count the taxi time too, the flight took maybe longer than one day. 😂

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