NZAA Airport bug

When I was on final to NZAA (23L) I noticed that only had the half of the runway, even thought that I was landing on the wrong airport, but I wasn’t. And the half of the airport didn’t load as well.

Latest version IF
iPad Pro 2 Latest iOS


Have you tried clearing the scenery cache? This should fix this issue.

It’s not a bug
There is no 23L in real life

What you call “23L” is actually a taxiway in real life
The bug used to be that the runway was actually there. It got patched in a scenery update.

I just did it twice but it didn’t do anything

Reboot your device. If the problem still occurs, reinstall the app.

Well the NZAA runway then

There is only 1 runway at NZAA
please read my post above

Well, in IF it’s called 23L. That is what he means.

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So that runway then 🤷🏻‍♂️

It is showing one runway. What you aren’t noticing is that half of the airport isn’t loading.

Anyways, try what I said in post #4.

Yep try and do what @Starley described above and let us know what happens

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It’s fixed now

This topic can be closed thanks