NZ864 | MEL-ZQN Trip Report

G’day Plane-Lovers,

Last Wednesday, I was lucky enough to travel on Air New Zealand from Melbourne to Queenstown. The flight sported great views and I am going to share with you some moments from the flight. Let’s get into the report.

The flight was at 9:30, so consequently we had to wake up pretty early. We left home at around 6 o’clock, and drove to the airport. When we arrived, we went to check in. We were greeted by some very friendly staff and were served promptly. Overall, the Air New Zealand staff were very friendly and I could not fault them on that.

We proceeded through security to the gate and I did some plane spotting while we waited for boarding. When it was time to board, we approached the gate and boarded the plane. The staff were getting very friendly and directed me to my seat.

I chose a seat in the exit row. I was very fortunate to have an large amount of legroom. The seats were also very comfortable and the in-flight entertainment screens offered many movies and TV shows, as well as many other functions.

We departed on time and were on our way to Queenstown. For the majority of the flight, the seatbelt sign was left on due to a lot of turbulence.
In order to get a full meal, you have to pay the $24 extra, but I did not pay for this as I believed I would survive without food. As an alternative, you could also buy food and drinks on the in-flight entertainment screen. The items were a tad overpriced, but as are most other airlines. I was happy not to have anything for the duration of the flight, as it is only a 2 hour and 30 minute hop across the Tasman. They also offered complimentary tea, coffee and water.

The flight itself was not very busy, although it was Wednesday morning. I had a spare seat next to me in the exit row, which was nice as it allowed me to stretch out a bit.

The approach into Queenstown was pretty turbulent as there are plenty of mountains that surround it. The views were not to disappoint and I really enjoyed the scenery.
Normally I would say any safe landing is a good landing, but I must admit the landing on this flight was very impressive, considering the winds at the time. I might even go to say that it was one of the best landings I’ve ever experienced.

This concludes my flight report. I hope you enjoyed hearing my review of NZ864.
Stay tuned for my flight to Sydney on Qantas tomorrow.



Great report josh mongoose aye I have been the on the same plane and also made a trip report. Probably first ever plane to get 2 trip reports on ifc.


Amazing stuff - thank you for the feedback Matthew. Remind me to change my return flight so it goes via Auckland so I can come and visit you ahah


Change your flight to go via Auckland

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Thanks, now I won’t forget 😂


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