NZ105 (AKL-SYD) Review

Hey everyone, flying back from New Zealand I went with Air New Zealand. I flew Air NZ 105 Which is usually served by a Boeing 787-9, but… since, you know, the Trent 1000 engines are being serviced on Dreamliners around the world, our flight got replaced to a Boeing 777-200 (Old livery)


Air New Zealand had texted me that our flight was delayed by 1hr 15min (this was due to the Dreamliner servicing, they had to get an aircraft in). I had received this when we were driving to Auckland airport, so I had plenty of time to make stops and sit down and have lunch.
This time change made my flight from an afternoon flight to an evening flight. The sun set as we were flying and it looked really nice (I ususlaly don’t book night time flights).

(the window had a lot of markings on it as you probably can tell from the images)


Air New Zealand offers the Economy Skycouch on their Dreamliner and 777 aircraft, it’s a $10 upgrade on Trans Tasman flights and is definitely worth it. The seats fold up to form a lie flat bed:


Was good but had no where near the selection that the Qantas Flight had. I tend to order the child’s meal with Air NZ (anyone can order it there is no age limit). The child’s meal tends to come with better things than what you get normally (such as passion fruit ice cream; the best part). It also came with one of those child pack things you get which gives you a pillow and an eye mask (then there is also some of that childish stuff in there). In the meal I got Fush and Chups (😁). As well as some other add ons.

Before descent they offer you some lollies that they hand around, which is nice and if your ears get blocked on descent it helps.


was definitely better than Qantas’. The flight map you could zoom in and out and pan around. You could also order merchandise from your screen as well as food and drink. With TheWorks selection in air New Zealand you can order drinks and food off your screen when you are in the air. The drinks are all free if you have TheWorks (or TheWorksDeluxe). Unfortunately on our flight this wasn’t available at any stage in the flight for some reason (could have something to do with the aircraft change?).


I say that Air New Zealand is the best Trans-Tasman flights you can get (IMO). They have great planes (when they aren’t being serviced 😜), good food, friendly staff and nice perks. (one little add on here: I couldn’t seem to find an in seat power wall plug, maybe it’s not on their 772’s?)

Wombat Out…


Since when we’re you in New Zealand? 😕
Great report though!


I was there from 14th to 23rd

Great review, it must be unusual to get that old livery. I wonder how long until the 787s are back to normal service (if RR can sort themselves out). Those IFE screens are so nice, right down to the purple mood lighting on the bottom, and it’s surprising to see a 777-200 fitted with them. I’ve gotta try one!

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The old livery was very interesting. I remember the sun was going down and in the reflection on the engine I saw the whole front of the plane with the livery. That was beautiful.

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