NZ Regional Showcase 1 - Wellington to Rotorua

I want to showcase the regional routes in New Zealand, inspired by the beautiful reproduction of the landscapes in IF. So I’ll create a series for this, of my flights that follow the Air New Zealand regional network.

You’ll have to forgive the paint scheme on my Dash 8… All I need now is an ANZ Q300 and ATR 72 to be in flight sim heaven!

Part 1 - Wellington to Rotorua
Server : Casual / Flight Time : 1:03

I hope you liked them, and better still be encouraged to try out some New Zealand regional routes yourself!

mcgregni / ZK-MCG


Very nice job @mcgregni!
I love to fly regional routes in New Zealand!

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Nice photos keep it up 🤩🛫

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Plenty more to come… I just need to fire up the Air New Zealand A320 😊

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Nice photos bro! I’ve flown on this in real life and flown opposite direction, did it last year and flew both the Q300 and ATR72. You really truely do get one of the most amazing views especially during sunrise and sunset. Highly recommend flying this route in real life!


That is surely a great ambition of mine… Thanks for your reply.

I’m guessing you’re up in the virtual NZ skies a fair bit? I’ve looked for a VA but we don’t seem to have one yet. Do you know of any Kiwi groups or events in IF?

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We did have once but that was like 2 years ago but I literally got kicked out just for not being able to show for events due to my other commitments. Ahh RIP 😔 Tbh not sure whether there even is one at the moment sadly.

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No worries, I’m fairly new to IF, but maybe one day we can get something going again…

Omg @NewZealand1Super is back

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