Nyoom or Zoom? - flying with Aviation108

Howdy, earlier this week during general Aviation Day, @Aviation108 and I performed a group flight in the TBM-930. We departed a Mostar Airport and flew around just to get some neat shots. So, without further ado, I present you the Nyoom-930.

sorry @aviation108 for all the tags…
Warning, the following shots may not be to your formation standards, viewer discretion advised @Butter_Boi

Departure airport: Mostar Airport
Flight time: ≈ 1:00
Route: VFR

  1. A view of the dashboard and another TBM-930.

  1. Flying into formation after departing Mostar Airport

  1. Zooming over some foggy patches

  1. Neeyoom

  1. @aviation108 “Where are you going, your lost, so free”

  1. Croatian and Bosnian landscape is beautiful!

  1. Following extremely close behind @Aviation108

  1. A frontal view of the previous shot

  1. Now what would be one of my posts without a moonshot?

  1. @Aviation108 zooming NYOOMING off as we break formation and fly different directions.

What was your favourite shot?
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  • can you spot all the times nyoom or zoom were mentioned? How many times?
  • What sound do you think the TBM-930 would make in text, Neeyoom, zoom, or something else?

please don’t spam the topic with your inputs, we wouldn’t want a repeat Of @Aviation108’s BRRRT topic… lol.

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Thanks for viewing the post, hope you like the shots!

Thank you, good day, G-OOSE


it sounds more like a Brssssssssssssssssssssss to me and at higher throttle BRSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Great photos love formations esp with @Aviation108!


Glad you like the photos! Definitely was a fun flight!

Haha, I like this one!

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Thanks Señor Canuck! That was a very fun flight indeed. These photos are 🔥!

Please everyone, do not spam nyoom or zoom. Please.

also, these onomatopoeia’s seem to follow me around… 👀

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The CRJ is the real nyoom, nonetheless great shots! Loved them all!

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Nyoom gets used more 😂


You did ok-ish.

Amazing photos though!


TBM-930 goes Sssscccccrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyeyeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Thank you, and thanks for tagging along for the flight! The onomatopoeiae will follow you around forever now as if they’re you children. You started something you can’t reverse, you are officially the father of onomatopoeiae on the IFC. 😂

Another thing to put on your profile.

Aviation108 - Father of Onomatopoeia on the IFC

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Nono you can’t say he’s the official relationship advice counselor until his advice is proven to work.

As on late it has never been tested in the real-world.


Fixed it, it no longer exists, no one saw anything. 😂

Thanks, I tried my best!

Hmm that’s a good one too…

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Agreed, I’m still trying to figure out the sound for the TBM-930… Life’s most controversial questions…

Thanks for viewing the post, glad you like the shots!


Seriously cool, really good shots!

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