NYFLFlyer22’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A (PRACTICAL PASSED)

Hi guys! I recently passed my IFATC written test and am in the process of getting ready to take the practical test to join the IFATC team! Feel free to stop by whenever I am open to do some patterns or just come fly in or out. I need all the practice I can get!

Remember that if you come by, make sure to tell me any critiques or feedback you have, as it all helps me improve!


I’ll come over

That’s my home airport

Nice! See you there :)

You know I’ll be there!

I don’t see you there

Are you on training or expert??

Guys, make sure you’re flying at correct pattern altitudes. GA aircraft pattern altitude should be 1000ft above airport altitude and jet should be 1500 above airport altitude.

Nice job!! That was some satisfying ATC!

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Amazing work! Pattern entries, sequencing, and clearing is beautiful.

A couple of notes:

  • I requested a runway change from runway 28L to 28R, you told me to enter right downwind runway 28R, which is completely right, but a Cessna was taking off from runway 28R. If it was an airliner, that will cause a collision, a better solution to that, just tell me to extend upwind, that will make the Cessna to turn to crosswind, and a collision will be avoided, if I saw that the collision is avoided, I’ll turn to my crosswind and everything will be fine.

  • as you saw, @DanVenezuela started camping on the runway for some reason… don’t be afraid to go around, it’s a normal procedure used by all of us! I announced my GA alone this time, I think you were afraid to issue one, it’s completely normal.

The rest Is perfect, well done 🙌.


All in all good job, a little late on the check assigned runway and also I should’ve received a go around as I was so close to the wrong runway. Some aircraft that were flying in the pattern were flying a little high but overall it was good. Also good job on the go around. I wasn’t trying to be annoying and sit on the runway but I was curious if you were going to give the aircraft on final a go around.

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@Omar_Alqinneh Thank you! Good to know about the extend upwind, I’ll keep watch for that. Yea, if it was a jet taking off much faster, that would be a problem. I was actually going to announce the Go Around, but you basically did the second before I was going to. I’ll make sure to stay safe and issue it earlier next time

@Andrew_Coward I was confused about the transition altitude, I know it’s 1,000ft above the pattern, but the airport elevation was 65ft so I ended up rounding the 2,565 up to 3,000 since I know you have to round up to the nearest 500. If 65ft is small enough where I can stick with 2,500, I’ll make sure to remember that. Yea, i should’ve called a Go Around since I noticed you were real close to the airport by the time I caught you lining up for the wrong runway. Thanks for the advice!

Thanks to everyone else who also came out today! Much appreciated :)


No worries, yeah transition altitudes are confusing at times. Honestly you could go for 3000 at this airport because it is over 2500 and we round to the nearest 500th but 2565 is closer to 2500 than to 3000.

Exactly like andrew said it depends on the alt! Just remember 2500 (1000Vertical Sep. + 1500 jet pattern alt) + the ELV of the airfield to the nearest 500’ Increment! Should be really useful will get you getting transitions off the back of your head ;) @NYFLFlyer22


As a general rule of thumb, always round up. Better safe than sorry. So in this case, 3000 is better.


Well. This thread was opened once. However it seems that was all that was needed.

I have officially passed my practical and am very proud to be part of the IFATC team.

Huge thanks to my some of my good IFC friends for really having my back and keeping me motivated to join: @reer104 @Pajd02 @Kevinsoto1502 @Rilej_aviation @Populeux_Music and whoever else I’m friends with on here! Also big thanks to my fantastic trainer @Will_A and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with you! Finally, thanks to my recruiter @Bobby who’s one of the new recruiters and is a perfect fit for the recruitment team! Can’t wait to see you recruit many more controllers in the future!

When a mod sees this, feel free to close it!

Stay safe everybody, and I’ll see you in the expert skies :)


Congratulations bro!

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Congrats bro! Go kill em (pun 🥴)


Haha break a leg

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Congratulations bro! ❤️

I am not your friend? 😢

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