NYC to Washington DC! (717-200)

I love this route. Being only an hour flight or so, it’s a hard flight but pretty fun at the same time.

Route: KJFK-KIAD/Duration: 00:57/Time: 18:44/Server: Casual


Very nice photos.

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Means a lot haha :))

I love flying the 717. It would be really cool to have the MD-80 too.

Looks like you know how to fly the 717. Many people say it is hard to fly.

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The landing was SO BAD actually because the wind speed during approach spiked. I tried though. I enjoyed the flight either way haha:)

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The 717 is severely underrated, what a beast!


You got that right boss XD

the 717 needs a rework tbh. its a great plane though. also great photos

not to mention the buggy 787:) I’m flying from Cape Town to Sao Paulo, so hope that goes well:))

Wow nice photos!

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Love that last picture. Also nearly NOBODY knows how to use the 717, so props to you!


Nice photos


Since I don’t have a subscription I fly the DL 717 a lot and I think I’ve got it down!

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Very nice pictures! Good job using the 717!

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