NYC to Atlanta and back in 4 hours

I drove one year ago from NYC and it was difficult! I hope it was amazing.


It was very good, sunset was pretty nice. I seen 2 hearts with the outlines being the cloud. 1 was inside the outer one.

These photos are of a majestic theme. Thou senses warmth when looked upon. The presence of natural beauty is oh so clear. Elegant in its own way, picturesque background. Beautiful.


Leonateo Da Vinci actually! 😍

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Isn’t he that actor on wolf of Wall Street?

(Before I get cancelled yes I know it is Leo DiCaprio)

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Wrong! English is one of my strongest subjects 😏

this should be in



I added it! Thanks for the recommendation


Yes I had known about this from when the community had informed me about your marking of mineself

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Just flew back home! I also caught a couple good photos (not as good), but I thought I would post them here.

ATL Tower

A really cool Delta a321 that displays “Thank You”

Interesting shot taken as we lined up on 26L

This was taken in the air shortly after departure.

Finally, this is a photo taken on landing on LGA runway 4 as we are crossing 13-31!


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