NYC to Atlanta and back in 4 hours

Hi there people! I just took a nice flight from LGA to ATL in a beautiful A321! It was at that perfect time of day so I had to take a bunch of photos I hope you like them!

LGA was using single runway operations today! Visual inbounds and departures for 31. You can see runway 4 in the corner of this one. Airplane mode on!

My personal favorite picture. It was a nice farewell to my home. Beautiful departure.

Breaking through the ceiling of the clouds. The lighting is perfect ❤️.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached our crushing altitude of 36000 feet. This is a pretty picture of the Chesapeake bay.

After getting significantly darker outside, we started our initial descent into ATL.

Beautiful cityscape with the strobe light! Always important to keep on in the air.

Finally, my first time I remember being on a parallel approach. We were on 26L, they were on 27R! You can see their beacon lights flashing off to the right.

I hope you liked them. Which one was your favorite?


My favorite was the 8th picture. Get it cause there’s no 8th picture?

Does this mean you’re not coming back?! 😍😍😃😃

before I get cancelled, these are great shots Nathan, I especially like the second one


My my my, I stumbled upon this topic, lost within the profound beauty and essence of your magnificent photographs. I must say, this is admirable and astounding work! 🙂🙂🙂


Most people say “nice photos” so I appreciate the elegance and eloquence of your intelectual words

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Or that… kinda boring though. 😗


For a Wisconsinite, these are surprisingly big words. That said… nice photos. :D


Don’t worry, I’m coming back! Enjoy it when I’m gone though

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I tried to get a pic of DCA, but I couldn’t see it from my flight path! I was thinking: “Maybe I could take a pic of DCA and send to Danny”


Why use words when emoji do trick? Seems like you got the right idea…

Toaster a singular minute after posting this.


What must be done… must be done.


Nate! You never told me you were a professional photographer. @Shane summed it up quite nicely, but I think it’s only fair if we add another “my” into his message. My, my, my, my. Your photos have rejuvenated me; they have brought light to my soul in a time of darkness. The sun is setting in LaGuardia, but it is rising within me.


Nate posts a topic,
Rocco adds the sarcasm,
Shane adds the big vocabulary,
Danny hates on Shane,
And Luca adds the cherry on top.

Expected to be honest 🙃

Seriously, nice shots Nate!


It enhances the topic by 10 fold


Eoghan, would thou fancy an ode to Nate’s glorious photos in addition to others contributions?

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People when they look at the photos: 😀

People when they go to the replies: 💀


Nice paintings. I can tell you spent a lot of time on them.


Awesome paintings Nate! The last one is absolutely stunning 🤩

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The correct reply is: “Marina Van Gogh."


More like “Claude Monate

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LUCKKKY LOL, instead of taking a flight to Atlanta to move, I was in a car drive for 16 hours but great photos anyways!

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