NYC Community Meetup!

It’s an A-12, which could be considered a prototype, but it did actually enter service for a couple years before the design was modified into the SR-71

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It’s not actually an SR-71. It’s a different prototype. Trust me, been there MANY times.

It’s the Lockheed A-12.


It’s for me as well. I went once back in September 2019 and it was so fun. I couldn’t attend this time tho since I don’t think my parents would come along

Still waiting for the Brazil meetup…

Awesome! Right in my hometown!

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Woo finally something that’s walking distance! I’ll def be there 🤞🏻


I can’t but i can do commemorating flight :)

Don’t know if I can make it or not 🤔 I’ll try tho

If I do make it, it’ll be my first community meet up!

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Hope to see you there!


Anytime you guys wanna come over to dulles international for the meetup 🥺

Just booked my travel and accommodations! I’ll be there!

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That’s what I’m doing

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The Intrepid is quite the experience. Might have to venture out and attend, been a few years since I’ve been.

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Might attend. Have too see how my parents feel about driving me up and hour or two.

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