Nvidia Shield X1 Tv Box Setup?

Right what i want to know is how do you control the touchscreen inputs e.g Autopilot , ATC etc if your using it on a non touchscreen tv setup? I will use the shield controller for the basic flight controls etc.

Hope someone can help.

Hi Jody :)

Looks like you need need to use the controller settings (bottom tab of settings page). You may need to plug in/connect a keyboard.

You mean i will be able to assign the touchscreen commands to the keyboard?

You can, but I think ATM you cannot change which keyboard key it is set to eg G is gear and you can’t change that.

So if i connect a keyboard infinite flight will recognise it and give me access to the touchscreen controls via the Keyboard ?

I used the controller and mouse but I only have issue with the ARC menu it is not right for the TV I hope that I can control my ATC request by phone application

So the only thing you had a problem with was the ATC menu?

Looks like it

Yes only the ATC request

I cannot even find this on the Shield TV store?