NVIDIA gaming tablet able to play IF at highest graphic setting?

I’m thinking of getting the nVidea gaming tablet and I was wondering if it could play IF at highest setting and get a good frame rate, meaning zero stutters or lag. Thank you for reading

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Hmm… Last time I checked the rules it says “issues” with I.F. this can be seen as an “issue”.

However, alright, will take it on board.

I’m also looking into the nVidea Shield tablet because I’m thinking of making the leap from IOS to Android and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. My only concerns are, like you, how is the performance and also I’m not sure how I’d like the 8" screen. My current iPad is 10".

Then again, I could mirror to my HDTV if I want big.

how is this an issue?

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Yep, I’m typing on one now. In short, it can run any Android application you throw at it, flawlessly (and PC games like HalfLife 2 etc)

Just been testing that actually, doing an f22 race with about 15 other players all in the same area. Graphics set to very high, AA is on, airplane count very high, terrain and water quality all the highest possible. Flying in close proximity to about 15 others, all while recording the screen in ultra settings (60fps full resolution)…

No major drop in FPS at all.

The Nvidia has pretty much the most powerful processor and graphics in any android device. Don’t let the 8-core overpriced abominations from Samsung fool you.

Go for it.

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I think under £200 you’re not going to go wrong.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience! Much appreciated

Does it have the new ‘VeryHigh’ graphic settings?

I have the NEXUS 9, has the same CPU/GPU Hardware, and I believe the Tablet you’re speaking of is atleast as good and probably better in some areas.

2.5k Screen with 4:3aspect
64bit Hardware and OS
9" Screen

I have one question, when at a busy airport like KLAX or KNUC where there is loads of traffic and the settings turned to high. Does it lag?

Also does your tablet heat up?