NV26 Airport out of place

I was doing an approach into LAS, then out the window I spotted this airport that looks like it’s in the middle of a road/residential area.

Hopefully this can be fixed. Thanks


it could be from auto generated airports

these airports usually not edited by IFAET Team


Hey, @DarkspoulYT!

Thank you for the report.

It appears that this airport is permanently closed in real life as it does not come up in the FAA ADIP.

Additionally, the [X] before the airport’s name in Infinite Flight denotes that it is closed.


Unfortunately, the former way of airport editing has been suspended in favor of a new, Infinite Flight-developed system. As a result, I am unfamiliar with the procedure for removing closed fields. Consequently, someone who can direct this to the right person will hopefully stop by.

Thanks again for the report. I hope you had a nice landing! 🛬


Thanks for the information!!! My landing wasn’t the greatest, I flipped over but it’s fine lol.


Actually its a closed GA dedicated airport it was only half built irl so the editor might have added it but also it shows an X which denotes that the airport has been closed irl as well as in the simulator so only person close to the editors can help , u could also post this at “features” and u can wait and see if any editor stops by am sure he will resolve the issue.

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Perhaps, but the location in which it was at appears to be a technical academy now.

This is one of many unedited airports in Infinite Flight, so the auto-generated file had added the [X].

Regardless, it’s a closed airport, so it should likely be removed at some point.


I totally agree with ur points.

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Talking about this, Kai Tak has that. Does that mean it is closed?


[X] generally is considered a closed airport, yes

Kai Tak, Chicago Meigs, Berlin Tempelhof and Tegel are considered the (main) Heritage airports in Infinite Flight. It’s been agreed as a rule for many years to keep these in for the history they have and the potential offers they give to simmers and older gen aircraft in app.


Oh, okay. That is interesting.


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