Nutty ATC etiquette?

Soooo as much as I stick to the rule of obeying ATC within limits of not crashing, what’s the proper protocol for responding to ATC that’s clearly a bit nutty?

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I meant to put this in the ATC category, many apologies in advance.

You follow instructions even if it doesn’t make sense to you at the time. Chances are they have a plan to execute what they are asking you to do.


@Brandon_Sandstrom I just want to express the scenario that prompted my question. X controller was working Socal approach. I had a filed flight plan, asked for approach into KSAN coming from KVCV. My bearing was roughly 170 degrees at the time, he vectored me 40 degrees. I made the turn and stayed there. Never a response. I flew to the edge of the darn map before I broke the rule and turned back towards 270 degrees. Turns out he left approach and jumped into KSAN tower. So now I ask for landing clearance and he has me coming in with two other jets. I did two go arounds before being able to land, all the while he keeps sending me the same landing clearance message over and over. So at what point can you just ignore behavior like this and be on your way.

Playground controllers and pilots are learning do your time and move up I feel for ya.

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@Brandon_Sandstrom You mean to advanced? I made that jump a couple of days ago. It’s kinda sad, there’s hardly anyone on there. Thanks for your info though. You’ve helped me before and you know your stuff, many thanks.


If ATC causes me more than two go around a due to bad ATC I divert! I also divert if it’s too busy and tower tells me to go around more than 3 times.


I’ve done the same in the past, but that was early on in my flying time. I’ve started trying ground control at quite airports on the playground so that I can get a feel for what they do.

Playground or Advanced? Your answer probably lies on what server you’re on.

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Advanced- Always follow instructions. Every command is always part of a plan.

Playground- Follow instructions with judgement. If it is clear that something isn’t right, then you can deviate from instructions.


@IceBlue Agreed 100%. I’m curious as to what the general opinion is. I hate to not listen to ATC but then again there has to be a line drawn somewhere. @ACJ This particular incident happened on playground, mainly because advanced is a ghost town every time I go there.


I would say that is the general opinion here.

With advanced, really you need evenings or the weekend to get good traffic and ATC service, so it really depends when you fly. Sometimes at say, FNF you can be in an approach pattern for like 30mins with about 10 in front to land.

Ive tried approach on pg and sometimes i ask them to make a turn 90 while somewhat far from the airport, cause i learnt from someone that i could use this zigzag method but all people do is say unable.

Im only a pg controller but it makes the role of approach really boring. But hopefully that doesnt stop you from listening to other approaches. Sometimes i forget planes too but it helps me test my ability to keep track of aircrafts in my control ^^"

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Like Brandon said, playground is tricky as the majority of the controllers do not have a working understanding of basic ATC commands and procedures, making the lives of serious pilots very hard.

With that said, it’s not acceptable to ‘punish’ these controllers, the playground has been put there for pilots/controllers to learn and improve their understanding with the help of the forums and of course Mr Google.

In terms of the advance server, the only way for the traffic to increase is if people start to use our services a little more frequently, once you switch to advance, you can never really go back.

This is very true, it’s been a real noticeable difference between advanced and pg. I do look forward to the day when more controllers are able to come to advanced, it really is a huge part of the sim experience.

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