Numbers on 737 Yoke

See the 236 on the top right side of the yoke. What is its purpose?

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If I am correct, this is used for the flight number.

In case of a 4 digit flight number, the last 3 digits are being used only.

@Thomas_Hense knows

Google is amazing…

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This is soo funny lol

“Tired pilots can put the flight number there and instead of saying United, ahhhhhhhhhhh, 123 checking in one can say United 123 checking in.”

My guys always forget their callsigns… but it’s worse…

Singapore Tower, Singapore uh no, SilkAir 369 ready for takeoff xDD (applies for VATC)

At first I was wondering if I should flag this or not.

I didn’t understand your joke due to your horrible grammar. When you get a chance, rewrite it in your BEST GRAMMAR, and don’t tell me that’s your best grammar.

What is your problem?

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