Number pad to enter fuel amount

It would be monumentally helpful to be able to just enter the amount of fuel you want into `into the weight table using the number keyboard instead of the sliders. Not only would it make the fuel amount you put in precise. You also wont have to deal with the frequent and annoying deviation of your fuel slider going up or down when you remove your finger. This speeds up your fuel loading and is overall a much better user experience.

I think this could be good for every category of weight available.
Also, remember to vote for you own feature request :)


I agree with @AsternAviation on this. This is a really good feature request and this number pad would also be useful for the cargo and passenger sliders!


What a great idea! I love this as I have OCD and having 58,874kgs of fuel messing with me, having a clean 59,000kgs would be perfect.


I think we should touch back on this feature request. It would be very helpful to manually enter fuel and other weighted variables for your aircraft. Please vote on this feature.

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This will save a lot of time for sure. I don’t have any fuel left unfortunately.

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hey I’ve already thought about it got my vote!

Just realised I said fuel instead of votes 😅