Number of votes on IFC

Why are we limited to number of votes on here? Anyone know?

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Votes would have no value if they were unlimited. Everyone could just vote on everything.


Hey there. The reason why the IFC has a limit on votes is to prevent people from just voting, with no actual want.

Like @schyllberg said, if we had Infinite Votes, they’d just be pointless as you could just vote for anything but you might not actually want it.

So in conclusion, the limit is there so Devs know what you really want, and not just voting for anything.


Makes sense… But I think we should have 8-10 instead of what… 4?

Ahhh. I see I see

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With 10 you could literally vote for pretty much everything major. It doesn’t provide a clear picture of what people want most that way in my opinion. Makes you choose wisely.

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You actually have 10, being TL2 (Member).


🤔🤔 I do? No way I’ve voted for 10 already. Lemme check 😂

No, you’ve voted 4 times as far as i can see.

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So I still have 6 more? Could’ve sworn it’s told me I have non left

Yes. You should.

When you’re out of votes, it would say “Limit” at the blue button where you vote.

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Hmmm. It must’ve updated or something. Awesome!

Numbers for healthy life. Yeaaahhhh! Its a good application to make topics valued.