Number of online flights?

Is there a way to see your total number of online flights like the stats that pop up when you select another user’s plane on one of the live servers? I know you can see your total flight time in the user stat page, but I can’t find total online flights. Thx

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Indeed there is!

You can find live stats at a number of third party websites listed below:

Thank you for the assistance, but I’m trying to locate the total online flights for individual stats. For instance, if you tap on another aircraft on the map and bring up the flight info, one of the stats displayed is “online flights”.

i believe you cant see your total flights anymore, only landings. This was changed a couple updates ago.

Oh, sorry about that! You can find those stats with LiveFlight and by filtering yourself on the website.

Thank you very much.

Woooow Nicholas, you need to learn a lot about marketing. Anyways, adding to what Nicholas said, you can also give MapFlight a try, which looks a lot like flightradar, or if you want something lightweight you can try Infinite Radar

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