Number of airports in IF

Does anyone know how many airport are there in total? Flying around you see lots of small class echo airports along the way. Does infinite flight have the same amount of airports as MFS?

Infinite Flight tries to include as many official airports there are in the world. The Airport Editing Team are working on, and adding airports monthly as we can.

I’m not sure exactly how many airports we have, I’ll see if I can find out.


If you mean the new FS2020 then most likely. Not all are edited (similarly to FS2020) but I believe we have roughly the same amount of total airports.

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Classification Count
Bravo 938
Charlie 2,210
Delta 1,234
Echo 22,754

These are the number of airports in Infinite Flight. Not all are edited obviously.


Thanks alot

I’m surprised there are near 1000 bravo airports

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