Number 2, cleared to land?

What does this mean? I usually get this number whenever I request to land but sometimes it will be one, sometimes it will be 3. What does it mean?

It means that you are second aircraft on the landing basically one airplane is in front of you… If you are number 3 there are 2 airplanes in front of you and so on…


Thank you!


That is your sequence number. So you know who are you following.

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If you are number 2, cleared to land, there is one airplane in front of you on the approach. You should identify that airplane, follow them in the sequence, and maintain appropriate separation to allow them to land and vacate the runway prior to you crossing the runway threshold.

Maintaining spacing is key to prevent a go around. Try to match their ground speed if you already have adequate separation, or slow if you need to gain separation. It’s your responsibility as the pilot to follow sequence and maintain separation.


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