Does anybody use IF assistant and it works for them with the gpws call outs? I just bought mine on two different devices and it still does not work. Works fine with the V speed sounds.

So just because you can’t get it to work, it’s a scam? Not quite sure that’s how the world works.

Asking for assistance is one thing - calling something a scam is quite aggressive.


The custom GPWS call-outs are an in-app purchase, as well as the PA system, RAAS call-outs and VNAV.

The only thing you get with the base app are the co-pilot call-outs (V-Speeds, etc…)

This is made pretty clear in the App Store - so please don’t call it a scam just because you’ve failed to read the app description properly.


Mr. I bought the gpws callouts twice on different devices and after buying the gpws signs disappears from the app. So what does this mean? Will they work after weeks???

Yes it is a scam buying something and still it does not work is a 100% scamm! Not only buying once but buying twice!! Read my post carefully before saying what comes into your mouth!.

The GPWS callouts work perfectly fine on my end - so its not a scam. I think the best thing for you do would be to contact @epaga - he is the developer of IF Assistant.

Also probably isn’t the smartest idea to be rude to a moderator…


Feel free to contact the developer mentioned above.

Word of advice, if you want help from them, it’s best not to refer to their app that they put a lot of time and effort into as a scam. That’s honestly ridiculous and disrespectful, which will no longer be tolerated from here on out with the interactions.

Speak to people the way you’d want others to speak to you.