NTSB Prelim/Closed-MaxAvSafety: UPS Contract Shorts-330 (type correction) down Yeager/ Charleston WV.(KCRW), Crew of 2 dead, Following.

MaxSez: Early news from multiple source reports Contract UPS Shorts 330 runway excursion and fiery crash w/crew killed. at Yeager (KCRW).
KCRW (Rwy: 6800’/ILS) TAF - 051149Z 0512/0612 08005KT P6SM SCT011 BKN050 FM051300 VRB03KT P6SM SCT050 FM051500 22006KT P6SM BKN110 FM052300 28005KT 6SM RA OVC050 FM060500 29008KT 6SM RA OVC015 FM060700 30007KT P6SM OVC010. Confirmed Fox New, Pls add Photo/Video & details. More to follow.

(Correction: Aircraft Type Shorts-330)


If it’s true then I hope the damage is not too great

Just searched, it’s true

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It seems really bad from the lastest news. I hope there won’t be more fatalities because of this runway overrun =/

I hope those who died can rest in peace 🙏


According to FR24, All AA Flights were Cancled

That’s sad. It was a shorts 330 aircraft that crashed at the airport flown by air carrier cargo contracts. Something like that

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@N1DG… Thanks for AC Type correction. Topic corrected, Max

Your welcome. Glad I could help.

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Oh, this must’ve been a horrible crash.
I know Charleston - Yeager Rgnl very well from airport editing. It’s located on a narrow plateau with only the airport on it. There’s basically a straight drop down at either side of their runway.

Not a good day for aviation safety.
Let’s see what further news and investigations reveal.


MaxAvSafeCntr: Preliminary:
Status: Preliminary
Date: Friday 5 May 2017
Time: 06:53
Type: Shorts 330
Operator: Air Cargo Carriers
Registration: registration unknown
C/n / msn:
First flight:
Crew: Fatalities: 2 / Occupants: 2
Passengers: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 0
Total: Fatalities: 2 / Occupants: 2
Airplane damage: Damaged beyond repair
Location: Charleston-Yeager Airport, WV (CRW) ( United States of America)
Phase: Landing (LDG)
Nature: Cargo
Departure airport: Louisville International Airport, KY (SDF/KSDF), United States of America
Destination airport: Charleston-Yeager Airport, WV (CRW/KCRW), United States of America
Flightnumber: 2Q1260
A Shorts 330 cargo plane impacted wooded terrain during an attempted landing at Charleston-Yeager Airport, West Virginia, USA. Both crew members suffered fatal injuries.
The aircraft originated from Louisville International Airport, Kentucky at 05:41 hours and crashed while attempting to land on runway 05 at Charleston-Yeager Airport at 06:53.
An airport spokesman reported that the aircraft touched down hard, after which it went off the left side of the runway. To the left of runway 05 there is downsloping wooded terrain. Debris was later found on the runway.

Initial AvHerald report:


FAA reporting left wing struck the runway and the aircraft veered to the left off the runway.

‘Airport officials’ state weather was not a factor in the accident. METARS:

KCRW 051054Z 23003KT 10SM FEW001 OVC005 14/13 A2941 RMK AO2 SLP952 VLY FG T01440133=
KCRW 051030Z 17004KT 10SM FEW001 OVC005 14/13 A2940 RMK AO2 VLY FG T01390133 $=
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Seems the pilot side loaded the aircraft to me

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I don’t know the ILS min. for that app. but those clouds are low, and the fog doesn’t help.

EDIT: I check the RNAV RWY 5 app. The DA is 300 AGL.

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Few isn’t a cloud layer so the ceiling would have been 500 overcast with fog


200 ft above the DA for the RNAV.

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If it was 200 feet above the DA it would have been still safe to continue the approach. If it was 200 feet below the DA it would have not been safe to continue


If I read this right, the plane hit the ground before the runway and cartwheeled.

@NetJets_Nick… MaxSez: From all eyeball witnesses and prelim analysis appears crew pushed it while unstable on final ILS below DH (minimums), glide-slop. landed hard & short, wing strike on the overrun, cartwheel, excursion into slopping terrain. Wx will be a factor see TAF above for time of accident. Best guess “Pilot Error”!


My condolences for the pilots

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I told you that weather might have been a problem. (not trying to offend anyone)

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I never heard about that aircraft in my life. But anyway, 🙏