NTAA🇵🇫-RJAA🇯🇵 Photos

Route - NTAA🇵🇫-RJAA🇯🇵
Aircraft - 787-9
Livery - Air Tahiti Nui (Air Tahiti 88)
Server - Training
Total Flight - 11hrs 10mins
Distance - 5130nm

NTAA AA502 D240H AA416 TEANO UGANI 1444S/15254W 1300SD/15500W 1101S/15700W 800S/16000W 500S/16345W 400S/16500W 000S/17000W 500N/17500W 900N/18000W 1300N/17500E 1700N/17000E WARDA 2010N/16500E 2300N/16000E 2600N/15500E TONIK BEGAD 3414N/14215E RENAU HME64 A6R12 GIINA VIRGO NRE RJAA

At gate 0 at Fa’a’ā International Airport

One of the coolest parts of this airport, back taxiing to runway 4

Taking off runway 4 at 2:45 PM TAHT some of the most beautiful scenery departing out of Fa’a’ā.

Sunset over the Pacific

Moonrise near the Japanese coast

Touchdown at runway 16L at 9:00PM JST

Taxied to Terminal 2 Gate 83 at Tokyo Narita

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Tahiti is one of my favorite places because of the scenery and how beautiful it is too see the way to coral reefs have formed bays. This route was a very fun one for me to do and I want to do more flights tropical islands.


ahh That livery looks really good on the 787!
I still love the cockpit views.

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one of the best

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Wow, Great photos loved them all! I love the livery it looks so nice :)

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its just…PERFECT


Great photos, if you love Tahiti so much, you should join Air Tahiti Nui virtual. Hope to see you in the skies soon :)

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I challenge you to do the NTAA-LFPG with NO STOPS at LAX

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Nice pictures! The third one is nice with the gear come up… I love the moon too though

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II’ve done it through LAX but not with no stops but I’ll try it

Are you still in LAX? and oh, If you are trying the whole route without stopping in LAX i would come with you

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No this was like a month ago

Great shots!

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Sick shots man! Loving the Air Tahiti 🙌

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