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FYI, the hold short line for runway 04 at Tahiti isnt a special hold short where “taxi to runway 04” means “enter runway 04 and back taxi without clearance.”

3 out of 3 did that starting off.

Guys, it’s still a runway. Even if the taxiway is in the middle.


Yeah guys come on - I have seen like 30 people do this today.

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I don’t understand why people don’t request takeoff clearance before entering the runway. This is basic knowledge. You don’t enter pass a hold short line without ATC clearance.


Also to add to the thread, if clear for takeoff this doesn’t mean you can backtaxi. A 737 or A320 has enough space to take off from the main taxiway entry. Your situation also happened to me.

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Actually it does.

It is pilot discretion


Oh. OK thanks, but a 737 does not need to backtrack from main taxiway.

Yeah I’ve seen some silly ones, but it is pilot’s choice


One of the greatest mysteries of our time:

Pilots will taxi behind another plane on the ramp at Mach 2,

But on the runway, where they can go as fast as they want, when told to expedite a back taxi apparently their plane only reaches 8 knots.


A few other things:

“Exit runway to the right” means just that. Go down to the next right turn, which is the turn around at the 22 end.

Exit runway has never meant make an immediate 180 on the runway.

Asking to cross the runway is not asking to backtaxi.

When told to LUAW or takeoff, you can choose to backtaxi.



One more thing.

The little divot at the end of 04 is not off the runway.

Only a turnaround with a hold short lile at the other end is off the runway.

I’d like to put a request for a “Tim_B category” lol


This mean me?

If it is then I am terribly sorry

Bumping this up guys, please don’t get yourselves ghosted by driving out onto the runway without clearance.

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This is also at KMIA and KMEM, where there are LUAW lines on the runway.

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