NSW Fire Department (Coulson) 737 Tanker

Hello, IFC,

You probably heard about the massive fires in Australia killing 1 third of koalas ūüź® and burning most of Australia‚Äôs vegetation‚Ķ

New South Wales Rural Fire Dept. recently purchased a 737 tanker to add to their fleet. This is a modified 737-300 (NG) used for fire fighting.
Purchased from Southwest Airlines!

I honestly love this livery and would live for it to be added in Infinite Flight! :)

Coulson Aviation

If you like the livery, Please Vote!

Thank You!

I know the livery says 7 but it is a 300 :)


I love the paint around the cockpit windows!


Yes we should have this. That’s an amazing livery, that Boeing (inspired) livery looks great in any color, including red! You got my vote for this!


It really looks like the Avior livery!

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