NPM's Tracking Thread [passed]

For the Next 2 hours i would like to train my ATC Skills. Im looking forward to see some pilots visiting the beautiful airport in Brussels and help me to improve my skills to become an IFATC in the future. Feedback welcome.

Airport: EBBR / TS
ATC Tower & Ground
Time: 2019-03-24T15:45:00Z2019-03-24T17:45:00Z


I’ve passed my ATC written exam and am doing training sessions for my practical, I’ll pop by and see if I can give you any hints :) I’ll be G-TSDC in a tbm


Sorry I’ve had to leave you so early! Something came up.

Only thing I’d say is, once you initially cleared me for takeoff you told me to make right traffic, you then don’t need to tell me to do right traffic again unless I change runways :)

Hope to catch you another time!!

Just to clarify here…

If a pilot wants to remain in the pattern and fly touch and goes around the airports Tower initially instructs ‘make right/left traffic’ with his takeoff. After this, when the pilots does touch and goes on the same runway, all Tower needs to instruct are any sequencing instructions if needed, and then ‘cleared for the option’.

Cleared for the option clears the pilot for:

  • a touch and go
  • a stop and go
  • low pass
  • landing.

For touch and goes on the same runway, no new takeoff direction needs to be given, as the pilot can assume he will need to takeoff in the same direction as before.

Changing to a new runway involves first a pattern entry instruction (with sequence, if needed) followed by cleared for the option with a takeoff direction.


Stopping by as N25513. See you there!

Thanks for the pattern work. One sidenote: i was afraid that u would landing faster than the AirFrance would take off, so i said n2 on final (which was my fast way to find a way to extend your downwind) i should have call your base or sth like that…?)

Thanks for your Feedback! :) yeah i remember some of these mistakes.

Yeah i ignored the first come first serve rule to keep it fluent ^^

I told AirFrance the duplicate message, cause its already to ask for departure west when asking for take off. So the second time asking to departure to west was a dupl. message.

I got a lack of knowledge about transition altitudes i will have a look on it.

Thank you :)

EBBR now closed. Thank you.

Open for 2h now @LEPA (Palma de Mallorca)
19:00Z - 21:00Z
Feedback welcome
T&Gs welcome

Hello, i will close KATL and then do patterns with you.

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I´m so sorry totally forgot about taxi

Np. I thought u were testing me ^^

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Of course, that’s what I was doing 😂

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Coming, I’ll be N25513.

sorry had to go

Closed. Thanks everyone that joined.

Except for the WoW-Airfighter, that ignored all my instructions and annoyed me and all the others…

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Open at GLCP - Las Palmas.
Patterns welcome

Closed due to too many Tracking Thread atm :)

Open at EDDL

I’ll come by