NPC perspective flight to Sydney!

Today I tried recreating what the NPC pilots in cockpits would feel inside the simulator when being played by me :). This certainly will be a unique one!

Joe 👨🏽:
Hey guys, it’s Joe (imaginary name) from infinite flight’s cockpit NPC. Today, I will be “piloting” a flight from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 to Sydney 🇦🇺 as a Captain.
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️:
Same with Joe, I’m Josephine (imaginary name) from infinite flight’s cockpit NPC. I will be the First Officer for today’s flight.

Joe 👨🏽:
Today’s flight will take us over the south east Asia‘s amazing islands, and the big Aussie continent.
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️:
We take off from Hong Kong as the sun rises, and arrive at Sydney just before the sun sets. So we are basically going to spend the whole day on the plane!

  • Server: Expert
  • Aircraft: A330-300
  • Livery: Qantas
  • Flight duration: 8 hours 14 minutes
  • Route: Hong Kong - Sydney
  • Call sign: Qantas 128 heavy
  • Departure: 6am scheduled (simulator time)
  • Arrival: 16:00pm scheduled (simulator time)

We are forced to wake up early from our hotel in Hong Kong to Pilot our master’s important flight. (Lol this sounds too funny 😂). We can see the full moon shining above.

We get into the cockpit to start planning our flight! We very much have emotions just like you do! It’s just hard to express them with our immobile faces.

This will be our flight plan for today. (Idk if this is violating the rules of no HUDs and sidebars, but I can only hope this will pass.)

Just like that, we are off towards the Hong Kong sunshine! 80 knots, V1, annnddd rotate! Josephine is the pilot flying for take off.

Above South East Asia’ stunning scenery.

G’day Australia!
Joe 👨🏽: the Aussie land looking sweltering hot as always!
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️: Not as hot up here in 37000 feet though!
Joe 👨🏽: we’ve got to appreciate the views from the cockpit once in a while.

Approaching Sydney’s busy airspace.
Joe 👨🏽: Sometimes, there is too much traffic for the controller to handle that you get forgotten for a few minutes…
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️: We can only hope the controller notices us before it’s too late, or the master will be mad 😳.

On final with runway 16R!
Joe 👨🏽: The controller didn’t forget about us!
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️: We were kind of lucky that we arrived when there were not a chaotic amount of traffic, so the approach was great as well!

Landed with 8 knots of crosswind. A FedEx 77F was waiting for us to land, so we showed him/her how smooth we could land the butter machine 😤.

Joe 👨🏽: I absolutely buttered the bread. Perfect approach, perfect un-crabbing, on the spot for the touchdown zone…
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️: Without my assistance as pilot monitoring, you never would have done it!
Joe 👨🏽: No more joking around Josephine. It was all my skill 😤.
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️: Hahaha, sure it was.

Parked ourselves on a very busy terminal.
Joe 👨🏽: We were so lucky we found an empty spot to park on.
Josephine 💁🏼‍♀️: The 8 hour long haul flight is finally over. The comfy beds in Sydney’s hotels await me. 🥱

This flight was really fun to do, because of the amazing scenery on the route, and the busy Sydney’s traffic.

I tried to summarize the flight very uniquely today from the cockpit NPC’s perspective. Hope you enjoyed it!


I liked the concept of this topic! Fun to read too


Glad you enjoyed it!