Nowhere to park the A380 at KDFW

Device: Iphone 15
Operating system: ios 15.8
Emirates, Qantas and BA have flown the A380 to DFW in the past, so there must be a passenger gate they parked at. However, I try to spawn the A380 at DFW ingame and find i can only spawn it on the cargo ramp.

Try gate D16X, it appears to be able to hold the A380


Seems so. Still seems odd there’s only one single gate

Like @Butter575 said try that gate but I think its very hidden

There aren’t many A380 services to DFW, this why there is only one gate

Emirates, Qantas and BA

They fly the 787 to Dallas.

They used to send A380s


They use their 777s for this route

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Really only BA uses the A380 from Heathrow

BA is the only A380 operator to KDFW.

I think the gate is in the bottom left corner of the middle left section of the terminal( correct me if I’m wrong). Let me know if you can find it


(They operate it mostly because of their One World connection with American)

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(It as in A380)

That’s how it is IRL


D16X is our only A380 capable gate IRL.


They flew the A380 before March 2020

Not too long ago they used the A380

Emirates hasn’t sent the A380 here for about 10 years.