Now we can say "Infinite" Flight

However see the 2nd photo is -22c lol

I made it to 1600000ft below surface.

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Where much time dd it take

Less than half an hour

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Wait! Hold on a minute there! Is this a bug @Henrik_B didn’t find? wow! That takes some work to find a bug before Henrik congratulations!

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Hahaha Henrik is in retirement.


We shall miss you @Henrik_B :"(


He’s in a better place now;)


Remind if you do it on Live, please only FFS

The 250ks count and this is how i have get 4 violations and lose 6% of standing !

just tried now, my f22 started to shaking everywhere in -100’000ft and after 3 minutes, the app crashed ^^

Then why are you posting it? ;)

Lol last time I had 4 violations it was 16%
Also which part of the cliff do you go through I can’t seem to do it again.

Take fighter = no violations

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Hello guys

#An important glitch to remove!
I have started a flight in a A318 then made my trick to enter under the ground.
From this moment, i can set autopilot to a continuous descent, making sure your throttle are in 0% to avoid speed losing when you exit the region.

I have tested this during my night in Free Flight Server
firstly to see if a lag come in a long flight. If you will do
inter-regions flight, i think flying in group is a killing process for
the graphics.

So i will not make a second test flight like this. now i wait for inter region or global flights.

But when the throttle cuts, Matt please try to kill autopilot with the throttle when we exit a region