Now to use IF on multiplie devices


It si possible to use IF on a PHONE and an iPad with the same account and subscription ?


Yes, As long as you don’t try to login while flying on another device.

Merry Christmas to All 🎄


And in case, let’s you’re flying on your Phone and decide to fly on your iPad too. Then, as soon as you login on your iPad, your flight will receive a Throttle Cut message and the plane will fall nose down, which will result in violations. So for your own safety don’t try logging in at the same time on two devices.


Thanks for your reply. But it is more complicated. I’ve got an account but it was not activated at the moment. My parents have created another one for christmas with another login and new subscription. They have used my email for that.
So the IF’s app recognized my old account and i can’t switch on the new one on the Ipad.
Do you know if i can reset the app on it ?

Thanks so Much.

You may need to talk to our #support specialist @schyllberg. I’m uncertain on how soon he will get back to you, but he will be able to transfer your subscription to your other account.

Give him a P.M.

Merry Christmas to All 🎄

I think the staff team can change over emails on accounts, so if you PM schyllberg he’ll gladly help you out.

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