Now this Stinks!

This gentleman had a very unpleasant suprise after boarding his flight on Delta Airlines. Dog feces had been left behind by a service animal from the previous flight. Somehow he managed to get it all over his clothes and shoes. This is gross, but seems to me maybe he ought to pay a little more attention to where he sits. I mean feces? You didn’t see or smell that first?

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Yes people should pay attention but if the belief is that plane should be cleaned after use especially if an animal was recently in there they attendants should have noticed before boarding started again.


I’m not supprised and I’m sure most of us aren’t.

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Hmmmm! How on earth did he not smell it before he saw it 🙄🙄🙄🙄

I think this dog is barking up the wrong tree


From an article I read about this from a different new station. It said he was forced to sit in the seat or be removed from the flight.

I read on the ios news app the he had one of the flight attendants gave him tissues and told him to clean it himself

I still think he should have seen or at least caught a whiff of the mess before he sat down, that’s on him(no pun intended) As far as the way Delta handled it, they need improvement. They ought to treat everyone well but especially this guy, he is a Diamond Medallion holder and a million mile guy. That’s a top tier customer. I don’t think lawsuits are the answer to these things but Delta does need to fix this or face repercussions.

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This guy needs to get his smell checked out

Lol. This is great. I read they gave him a small bottle of gin, and two paper towels and made him try to clean it up. I wonder how much compensation he will get?

i have 3 letters, oof

I think Its sad that everyone is blaming the guy. As a consumer we pay hundreds of dollars to fly to and from locations for business holidays etc. and expect quality service for those prices. If you went out and bought a car you wouldn’t expect to have to alert the car sales person of a problem with the car or something on the seat because it belongs to them. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but cleanliness is the bare minimum a company can do.

This is a crappy situation


While I agree with your statement, HOW DO YOU NOT SEE OR SMELL POOP to the extent of this situation? I have dogs and when they mess like this you often smell it before you see it, let alone step in it!

If you read the article there was a cleaning crew aboard the plane before it left i really dont understand how or why the cleaning crew was so negligent.

Ah that’s some good comedy for this Tuesday afternoon.

I see what you did there.

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Often they dont paid enough to care

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True I know a guy but visible bodily fluids is a bit much.

I agree. I used to have to clean planes when I worked for DGS not a fun job