[Now Sponsored by United Virtual!] [17 Attending!] The Dulles Airport Flyout! @KIAD 012100ZFEB20

You sure can!

Would you like it on a 787-9?

sure. that would be great.

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Okay. I put it down. You are at D07 since D04 cannot accommodate a 787

Thank you.

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That’s acctually the gate I was at when I was on that flight.

Well I guess I can see the past

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Still need attendees! Just over 1 month to the event!

Attendees needed!

One month to the event! Sign up!

C14 United SBGR 767-300ER
This gate, please
Callsign is UVAL224

You got it!

Please sign up! Let’s make this flyout big!


Depends on winds.


All aircraft departing to the west will use Runway 30, All aircraft departing north or northwest AND aircraft departing northeast on destinations that pass over the Atlantic Ocean will use runway 01C
All aircraft departing east or south will use Runway 01R

All aircraft use 12/30

Aircraft departing east will use 01R/19L and aircraft departing west will use 01C/19C. All aircraft departing north will use runway 01C/19C and all departing south will use 01R/19L

Will this event have different PM’s based on terminals or will we keep this event on this topic/page?

Depends how many we get, I may group A/B and B/C, or make it all separate.

Hello! I will go ahead and sign up for Concourse C - gate C19 - to LSZH on 787-9. Thank you!

If you want my call sign, it’s UVAL145 :)

Alright, you got it!

I have to make a new page because IF took away my editing rights for no reason.

C09 Please to TJSJ :)

You got it as soon as I make a new page!

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