[Now Sponsored by United Virtual!] [17 Attending!] The Dulles Airport Flyout! @KIAD 012100ZFEB20

It is 3:00PM EST

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Awesome. I’ll be there!

United Virtual is now sponsoring this event!

2 Months to the event! Plenty of gates available

I’d like to reserve this gate. Thank you. UVAL203

Sure! You got it!

Lots of gates left! Please sign up!

Sign me up here please!

Can I take this gate? Thanks

Can I have the American Eagle Route to Charlotte at Gate B73a

@Messenger116 @BadPlane @JuanCrafter_Pro All three of you have been added! Thanks!

I’ll take A32 actually

Sure! I’ll switch you over

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Don’t forget to sign up!

Month and a half until the event! Start signing up if you can!

Gate A14 please

Got you! Thanks!

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Can I have Gate D01?

This is operated with the 787-8/9. I’ve flown on this flight before, UA505

https://flightaware.com/live/findflight?origin=KIAD&destination=KDEN You have a couple of options actually.