(NOW signups closed) St. Barths Landing Competition @ TFFJ - 281600ZMAR20

Summary: A tough landing a St. Barths

Server: Training

Airport: TFFJ

Time: 2020-03-28T15:00:00Z

Aircraft: Cessna-208 or TBM-930

Attending: 22


St. Barths is known for its famous hill before landing and the difficulty pilots go through.

I grade landing on 3 things

  1. Centerline
  2. Location of stoppage (don’t overrun and you will be good)
  3. Smoothness

Winner will be decided by the judge(s)

Judge - @DanyyRude

Tower - @BinaryChess

Approach - @GPilot118

Now the gates

Wave 1 Gates (Full)

Wave 2 Gates

Once those of Wave 1 begin taxi those of Wave 2 can spawn in. Failure to follow this rule will be disqualified and not be allowed into ALL of my future events

This takes place 1 hour before my TNCM and TFFJ flyout so plan accordingly
Runways and taxi plan will be posted day of event


Be sure to check out my island flyout

If the gates all fill up I will set up waves for takeoffs

An other reminder my main event the island flyout occurs earlier in the day so please plan accordingly

For me a Gate please

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I need a gate

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@Jan_W @If_finnair I will put you guys down thanks for attending

Requesting a gate please.

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You got it I will put you up.

This looks like something I’d enjoy! Sign me up!

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Got it I will get you down and signed up

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Cessna 172 may be added if enough people ask

A gate pls

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Can I get a gate please :)

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@Luis_Genaro_Lopez_Mo @samw223 You guys are both signed up

Also welcome to the community

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Why it’s in training?

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So we can have ATC for vectoring people also so its not a mess. If you wanna be ATC you can I will make sure people will follow instructions.

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Sign me up! Gotta try my best.

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Ok what you want i do ?

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I am available for ATC! PM me for further info!


Ok got it see you there