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Welcome to the brand new Korean Virtual Airlines. Korean Virtual is a professional virtual airline that strives to be the best. Korean Virtual operates out of Seoul Incheon Airport and Seoul Gimpo Airport. With 12 aircraft operating 24/7, flying over 606 routes, and visiting over 100 destinations, Korean Virtual is constantly on the go. Pilots flying enjoy the vast scenery of Korea with tall mountains and active volcanoes, you will have the best seat in the house.

Hi!! My name is @CPT_Colorado and I am the new CEO of Korean Virtual Airlines. Our call sign is KVG. Korean Virtual Airlines has had a rocky past, going from CEO to CEO, but i can assure you that i will stay here and stick through the tough times! :)



CEO (aka) Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for making corporate decisions, and communicating with other VA’s and VO’s.

Media Manager

@Aviator_Ace , VACANT

Media manager is responsible for maintaining all of KVA social media platforms, and taking pictures at Events sponsored or hosted by Korean Virtual.
The media managers are also assigned to a social media platform. Instagram, YouTube, and here on the IFC

Flight Manager

@Captain_Trigger21 , VACANT ,VACANT
All flight managers are responsible for checking in with pilots and making sure all PIREPS are entered correctly.

Head Pilots

Chief pilot:
Assistant head pilots:
@AlphaKilo , VACANT
A head pilots main responsibility is to mentor all pilots and make them feel welcome to Korean Virtual. They will also be the one to answer all questions.

Only aircraft in game

A330-300, A380-800, B737-800, B737-900, B747-400, B747-800, B777-200, B777-300, B787-9, B77F
Aircraft not in game
A220, A330-200, CS300

These are our current partnerships/codeshares

TL2 or higher. Trusted TL1’s will be accepted
Grade 3 or higher
Must be able to pass a Knowledge test
Have experience from other VA’s
Log a flight once every 2 weeks

Grade 2 or higher
TL1 or trusted TL0’s
Must be able to pass a basic knowledge test
Must provide a screenshot of your grade table
Have access to an Infinite flight PRO subscription
Be able to log a flight once every month

Join Today!!!

New Hire 0-75 hours flown:
B738, B739
Domestic and short haul flights
Coming soon

First officer 75-150 hours flown:
Above+ A330
Short hauls and medium hauls
Coming soon

Captain 150-225 hours flown:
Above+ B772, B773, B789, B77F
Medium hauls and long hauls
Access to Korean Virtual Cargo routes
Coming soon

Senior captain, 225-500 hours flown:
Above+ B744, B748, A388
Long hauls and ultra long hauls
Cargolux Virtual

Bronze member 500-1250 hours flown
All aircraft
All routes
1.5X flight time multiplier for every flight

Silver member 1250-2000 hours flown:
All aircraft
All routes
2X flight time multiplier for every flight

Gold member 2000-2500 hours flown
All aircraft
All routes
2.5X flight time multiplier for every flight

Korean Virtual Member 2500+ hours flown
All aircraft
All routes
3X flight time multiplier for every flight
A custom badge with your name

Korean Virtual now offers a fully functional crew center with tons of assets to every pilot:

Our new dashboard, displays a live map which shows every Korean Virtual Group flight. Along with a list of top pilots, flight info and more:

We now also feature a fully functional and moving weather map:

Now we also have many different unique areas of the crew center, which can be accessible by our new display tab,

Wanna see it for yourself?
Password: demo.1234

Photo credits for the photos in the banners
Banner 1
Banner 1
@SkyTeamIFC, @SkyTeam


New VA? Hmm, nice, congrats!

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New CEO it’s been around

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Oh, well nice!

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Sounds awesome! If I join, is it possible to just fly the Korean Air Cargo flights?


@Alaska096 I believe those are options for booking but for the planes you need to be of rank


Beautiful thread!


Thank you @Jrpilot5


Congratulations upon your approval @CPT_Colorado, may this VA soar high under your leadership!


I believe so too.

You guys might want to change that.


@Vinne and @cptlogue we have the CS300 on there because when pilots are booking a route, the A220 aircraft and the CS300 aircraft are both options for booking. VAschedules had the aircraft through a CSV file, and i was not going to change the aircraft because then the routes would be off. Both of those planes are substituted for B738’s

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It has been brought to my attention that the call sign request question on the pilot application form wasn’t working/allowing answers. It has been fixed. If you tried applying please try again

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@CPT_Colorado. MaxSez: Congratulations on taking thr helm of one of my Favorite Carrier. Live’ed, worked, flew below the 38th on The peninsula back in the day. Served as aDe-Confliction Controller at Oson, AFB for exercises. Note Actual fleet (Wiki),some short Haulers added for domestic service would be a bonus.

Watching, Regards, Max

What do you mean?

@Korean_Virtual. You own Biz Jets and BBJ’s domestic Subsidy.

Korean Air Business Jet fleet. (([36]
Boeing BBJ1 2 — 16–26
Bombardier Global Express XRS 2 — 13
Gulfstream G650ER 1[37] — 13

Source: (WIKI)
G’day Max

Wow, very clean and nice thread, Congrats on approval!


Thank you so much @Sashaz55

Congratulations for this! Wish you all the best in the future.

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🎶 Ay congratulations, it’s a celebration
Party all day, I know you’ve been waitin’
Ay congratulations, it’s a celebration
I just wanna tell you that I think that you’re amazin 🎶

👏 👏 👏


Attention All

Due to the Corona virus causing a quarantine for all through out the world, Korean Virtual has decided to change the requirement for logging flights. Pilots used to have to log a flight once a month, now pilots have to log a flight once every 2 weeks.
More can be found in this document