Now presenting... the Challenger 350

The time has come! As I mentioned in my last topic here, I eluded that I would be joining the FL400 club here soon flying an aircraft that wasn’t an airliner. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure which one as we have a whole fleet of aircraft that operate above this altitude. As of last week, I was pleased to find out that I was going to be assigned and flying the Challenger 350.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Challenger 350, its classified as a “Super-Midsize Jet”. Perfect for long range, transcon, transpacific, and transatlantic operations. I’ve included a link as well as a few photos for your viewing.

Quick Stats:

  • Service Ceiling: 45,000ft
  • Normal Cruise: 315kts/M.82
  • Max Mach: 320kts/M.83
  • Endurance: 7:45hrs
  • MTOW: 40,600lbs (18,416kgs)
  • Passengers: up to 9 Passengers
  • Crew: 2 pilots + no flight attendant

CREDIT: Credit to TurboSquid for these images. Please find the direct link to these photos plus many more below:
3D bombardier challenger 350 business jet model - TurboSquid 1463548


I told ya guys earlier!

Glad to see you flying a Private Jet. So uh

Who’s getting access to these luxurious plane?
Chapter 2 now begins.


Me after seeing this plane’s beauty (seriously)


Congrats Deer! I’m sure you’ll definetly enjoy it! :)

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That’s so cool Deer! I certainly have a very diverse career as a pilot!

Let me know if you ever fly to BZN this summer!😎


So basically you’re flying The nice version of the CRJ-200

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This is the super and way updated baby brother of the CRJ200. Way nicer avionics and automation than the 200. Should be crisscrossing all over the country. Even to the smaller towns and islands out there


Are you gonna be flying out of Centennial a lot

That’s truly a beautiful aircraft! Congratulations on this incredible new chapter!

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Congratulations, Deer! I’m so happy for you!

Now, let’s talk about destinations. It appears that FlexJet (I assume you are flying for them?) enjoys sending their CL35s to MMU from EGE. I’m not great at geography, but I do know that you’re not too far from EGE, and I’m not too far from MMU.

So, as long as you don’t turn into ZackCrusher, I think this will work out just fine.


Wow. Absolutely stunning aircraft. Congratulations!

That’s incredible!

I will. How often, I don’t know but we do fly in and out quite a bit out of Centennial

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Cool if you ever fly to Addison or Dallas love please tell me and I’ll try and plane spot you

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shame. 🥱

Congrats on the upgrade though. Should be a really cool one to fly I’m sure


Congratulations!! Wish you the best in your future flying the Challenger 350!!

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Thanks. Looking forward to the new adventure

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@ me if you decide to pay a visit to TBPB

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Definitely a possibility. Over 5000+ airports we operate to. 😜

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And 1 of those will be a special pick up for me :P

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Congratulations, you’ll love that aircraft. All my buddies that fly it love it.