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Welcome to the Brussels Airlines Virtual Official Thread!


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Brussels Airlines Virtual is one of the most professional and realistic VA on Infinite Flight.

Brussels Airlines Virtual is founded in late March. Our goal is simple, recreate Brussels Airlines, but in the virtual world. This means that we will use the same routes and aircraft from Brussels Airlines.
We wanted to create this Virtual Airline because Brussels Airlines is such a beautiful airline. It has all the routes you need, short, medium and long haul. You can discover the whole continent of Europe and Africa. We have a total of 44 routes in the beautiful African continent. Brussels Airlines also has a lot of codeshare agreements, which is extremely beneficial for our pilots. With our connecting routes via codeshares, you can discover the entire world!
Another reason was that we wanted to create a VA where everybody feels comfortable. A place where you can discuss everything with your fellow pilots and even make new friends!

With our experienced team, we are probably one of the best crews!
If you have any questions, complaints, or you know how to make our VA better, our team will always be available for you.
Our crew is based on every continent, this means that you will have a quick answer on all your questions regarding BRUVA.

Upper Management Team

President: @roostbrood
Executive Affairs Manager: @Gwen
Advisor: @Vinne

Lower Management Team

Route Manager: Vacant
Event Manager: Vacant
Chief Pilot: Vacant
Supervisors: Vacant
Photographers: Vacant

With over 200 routes in 46 different countries, we offer one of the most expanded route networks.

We also have special routes, “Freedom Routes”.
These give our pilots the opportunity to fly any route, wherever it is.
For example; Brussels - Los Angeles!

Below is a map which shows all our routes in Europe and Asia.

Specially built for Infinite Flight, and made by one of our community members, we use this beautiful Flight Logging System.

We have currently a total of 6 codeshare agreements. These are mainly based on real-world airline’s codeshare agreements.
This gives us 250 new routes that are added to our database.

TUI Virtual
Thai Group Virtual
Swiss International VA
United Virtual
Virtual Cathay Pacific
Nonstop Virtual Group


As we are striving to follow real-world operations from Brussels Airlines, we are a member of Star Alliance Virtual. This gives our pilots the possibility to fly 190 extra routes all over the world!

To let everybody a chance in the VA world, we decided to keep our requirements low and simple.

Be Grade 2 or higher
Have an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
Have a landing/violation ratio of less than 0.50

The requirements above need to be kept at all times, even when you’re accepted into Brussels Airlines Virtual.

Be sure to check our website for additional information about Brussels Airlines Virtual. Apply here

If you have questions or feedback don’t hesitate to send us an email to the following email address:

We sincerely hope to see you soon at Brussels Airlines Virtual!
Have a wonderful day or night!

- The Brussels Airlines Virtual Staff Team


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From the capitol of Europe to the World,awsome airline ,just best regards!

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Amazing thread! Awesome to see this VA prop up.

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Stunning thread!! All the best for the new year!

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@Stubek - Thank you! All the best to our highest ranked pilot!

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P. S.: We already had a thread from October, this is just an updated one. 🤭

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Can i register?


@Infinite_flight_play, of course! Give me a moment and ill send you a PM with more info!


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Applied :)🧇
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Of course they are! I love them. 😊


Please note, We are currently undergoing some slight technical changes, so you may experience some delays in your applications^Gwen

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