NOW - London (EGLL) to Auckland (NZAA)

Now that the winds appear in our favor, I have just initiated a non stop, 21h flight flight from Heathrow to Auckland Intl. This will put the 787-8 to the test.

Follow progress here:


London Heathrow ICAO is EGLL

My bad, fixed ;)

Good luck. From my guessing on IF fuel burn, the 77W and A380 are the only planes that can make it, but we’ll see

Tried planning with A380, 777-200LR, 787-8, and 787-9.
Can’t make the first two work in SimBrief given their crazy fuel burn. 789 won’t have a useful payload left.

IF crashed after just 1:40h…
iPad Pro 11in

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Make sure you close out all apps before flying! (Unless you are using IF 3rd party apps).

My tablet handlead just fine egll-kjfk (6h39mn, Galaxy S2) with 4 background app open

I don’t know if this late for me to say this but before you embark on a long haul restart your device it helps out .

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