[now IFATC, Thanks!] BinaryChess's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hi to all!

I am preparing to be an IFATC, so as part of my training procedures, I will be doing ATC Ground & Tower on EDDM (Muenchen Airport)

Feel free to spawn there and test my skills, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks & best regards

Liquid Aviation 137

ATC details

Traning Server
Ground + Tower


Hey mate, XSR callsign on your freq. remember to sequence and then clear. I’m remaining in the pattern, I’m expecting ‘cleared for the option’ as I don’t want to land and exit the runway every time.

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Very thanks for your comment. I am a bit newbie on professional ATC, I will try my best.

Best regards


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Progressive taxi instructions not needed. I was the only one there.
If you do need to use progressive taxi instructions, you must tell them to expect progressive taxi instructions.
Line up and wait not needed, nobody inbound on 8L
You cleared me to land not for the option.
Not sure why you are calling bass, over controlling.
When u request remaining in the pattern, pilots will fly circuits of the airfield.
So you clear them for the option. Which is to land, stop on the runway,touch and go, low pass.
Rule of thumb, pattern entry(if needed) sequence then clear on crosswind or very latest early downwind.
Don’t give up we all were learners at the beginning.



WOW, thanks for pointing out all this bunch of mistakes. I will try my best!

Very thanks

Sry I am a bit newbie on professional ATC

Have you watched the you tube videos.
I great starting place.
My first landing was awful


@APH71 few of them only


No worries, controlling on expert is great.

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With that runway change request, I’m in the right pater for 08R requesting 08L. I think it should have been make right downwind Rwy 08L, No.1 cleared for the option.

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Ok, I just realized


Enter right downwind, runway 8L, no1 cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic.


Much better this time, well done.
Go back and watch the You Tube videos. 👍🏼

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Very thanks!

Hi of all:

now I am open in KSSC for training to IFATC

Feel free to be there!

Best regards!

ATC details:
training server

How long you open for.

Think of an hour or more

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No need for the make left traffic
This is done with runway changes and inbounds

ok thanks dude

Not cleared?
Because I did a runway change you should include after the option make right/left traffic.
Also try to keep left traffic left and right traffic right.

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srry, I was in toilet