Now I see why they say the CRJ700 is terrible

“Personal problem”

Really? Cause I don’t see how a window being filthy is a “personal problem”

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It’s not like i could go and clean the window lol

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Bro, the whole crj family is bad

Your not a true avgeek

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I am. I’m just saying it from a passenger perspective

For me the CRJ is the “cursed regional jet”

It’s either the small uncomfortable crj2 or the flight delayed crj7&9 for me. The windows are also usually filthy maybe just my luck


Funny 🤣 ha

Not your luck

I like the sounds of the engines on takeoff on the CRJ’s though. I’ve only flown on it once. My ears never popped due to the pressure after that though until a month later which was interesting.

They don’t call them shuttles or regionals for nothing! Cramped and hot until the turbines spool.
Spent my fair share over the years in DeHavilland’s, Bombardier’s and Convair’s just to name a few. Isn’t that American regional run by Mesa for American? Judging by the window and interior, it’s really pushing its EOL program!😁