Now I am grade 5, which means...?

After the many flights, hours, experience and landings required I got my grade 5. After the brief sense of accomplishment, now I feel a bit bootless. A lot of effort to get it and no visible benefit or difference. What is the practical difference between grades 3, 4 or 5? At least, grade 3 opens the access to expert server, but 4 and 5? Here some suggestions:
Grade 5 should allow the pilot to configure more realistic behavior, eg. set realism in plane to plane crash instead the unrealistic phenomenon of two ghosts trespassing each other. Engine, mechanical or instruments failure so you are challenged to handle it properly abd succesfully land, etc. Grade 5 could have empowered capability to ghost pilots who misbehave. Grade 5 pilots should have more interaction capabilities with ATC, especially when they provide innappropriate guidance (yes, it has happened to me). or grade 5 should be more challenging, more violations than just overspeed, such as no landing lights violation, no accident avoidance maneuver violation, proper procedure violations, etc.


The problem is that some grade 5’s aren’t as responsible as others.


Congrats on grade 5! Unfortunately this seems like a feature request to me, and you must be TL2 to post in #features.
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True, I am not TL2, maybe because I spend more time flying than interacting with the community. Maybe a TL2 can buy and endorse the idea…


Being grade 4 - 5 is when nobody goes near you when landing on ts1.


Right now Grades 4 and 5 are ‘status only’ grades.
Flying around with the peachy colour give many some sort of kick.
Its more or less the same as showing off your car or designer clothes.

And yes, I speak firstly for myself. I love being a Grade 5. I admit.

There have been a number of posts suggesting extra capabilities for Grade 5’s, but as already stated: there are quite a few poorly behaving Grade 5 pilots.
To me, a Grade 5 should not so much be about capabilities ‘what can I do more than others’ but all about responsibilites; ‘I behave as good as, or better than others’.

People look up to Grade 5’s, so let’s use that to show the ‘learners’ how it’s done!


Not ideal for people who are good pilots and invest in the app but don’t have much time as they to would deserve the extra realism and I agree Grade 5 means nothing to me, the skill lever between them varies so much and it’s really dependent on your flight time and landings. Noobs can also accomplish this…

Congratulations though!!


Congrats on Grade 5! Feel free to voice this feature Request with a unique idea or by supporting an existing Grade incentive request.