Now Hiring Iraqi Airways Route Managers

Hello! My Virtual airline, Iraqi Airways is very new. Because of complications getting the proper Iraqi Airways routes, I would like to hire some help. I am now hiring for Route Managers, which is a high rank. My VA consists of 3 airlines, Iraqi Airways, Fly Baghdad and FlyErbil. Iraqi Airways is the main airline. You will only be responsible for Iraqi Airways. I will handle the rest.
PM me a response to this message to apply.

  • Must have a IF pro subscription
  • Must be at least grade 3
  • Must NOT have any larger than a 0.5 Violations/Landings ratio
  • Must understand SIDs, STARs, flight plans and transitions
    PM me the following:
  • Your email address

You will be responsible for adding Iraqi Airways schedules to the VA.

I will give instructions on what to do in the email.
The VA link is

Please note: There is no way to determine and international Airline’s flight plan. They will not show up on flight aware.

You can post it here:

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Please use the above link while you wait for your VA to be approved. Only IFVARB approved VA/VO can advertise in the #live:va category.