now closed

Maybe there comes someone else on EDDL or as approached MAYBE.
Please make an realistic flightplan, something like this EHAM ARNEM TEBRO EDDL.

You can find all the procedures at EHAM
If you scroll to the bottom you can download map for depature arrival and ground etc.
The meter is: EHAM 011325Z 04014KT 010 V080 CAVOK 16/09 Q1031 NOSIG, I want to do this as real as possible so pls listen to the ATC.

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Moved to ATC category.

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Are you controlling?

Yes I Will be the controller

Just checking.

Not now but later read the titlle for the time

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Outstanding! I’ll be joining IF starting tomorrow and after I’m familiarized and standings acquired I’ll look you up. Any tutorials and other pages you recommend I’ll be on it.

A good Pilot needs a good ATC


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Maybe this help with the depature procedure

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And aririvle/ approach

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So as you can see at FIX SOSKI you hight most be 4000 AMSL

on which server?

Playground it is.

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Yes it is playground

Maybe later on advance

EHAM is now open.
You can do patternt work on runway 36L.
Landings runway 06. Follow the procedures for ILS on runway 06.
Take-off runway 09, for runway 09 procedures above.
Pleas join for Fun and realisme

When you guys come join?

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